Miele's Best Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair

A common question we get all the time is: What is the best vacuum for pet hair? At the Bottom of this page you will find Miele's Best Selection of Vacuums for Pet Hair And Pet Dander on Carpets and Hardwood Floors.

In Short;


To answer this question though, It is important to know If you are looking for a vacuum for pet hair specifically for spaces with a lot of carpets or just plain hard surfaces. When it comes to researching for a vacuum for pet hair, Regardless of the brand or type of the vacuum, we always recommend a vacuum cleaner that is equipped with an Electric Powerhead for carpeted areas. For Hardwood floors, or any Bare Floor, most vacuum cleaners with a lot of suction and a proper Hardfloor attachment will do just fine. As a matter of fact, Electric Powerheads are not a really good tool for hard surfaces because the main job of an electric powerhead is to create agitation on carpets not hard floors.

But how does a powerhead help? Well, In order to deep clean the carpets and get rid of pet hair and pet dander, even deep in the piles of the carpets, an Electric Powerhead literally agitates the carpet in order to loosen the dirt, bring all the fine dust and pet dander to the top of the piles and then allow the suction to take over and remove the pet dander and dust from the carpet piles. Also the rotating bristle on the brush helps with removing any pet hair normally sticks onto the carpet pile by grabbing and wrapping the hair around the brush.

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