Best Miele Vacuums For Pet Hair

Best Vacuums For Pet Hair

A common question we get all the time is what is the best vacuum for pet hair? We have to answer this question with another question. Best vacuum for pet hair on what type of floors? If you are looking for a vacuum for pet hair on hardwood floors, all you need is a good quality vacuum cleaner with a straight suction floor brush. Check out these vacuums here

Alternatively, if you are dealing with pet hair on carpets, well, that is whole different ball game. Best vacuum cleaners for pet hair on carpets are equipped with an Electric Powerhead and all models on this page have exactly that. An Electric Powerhead is a dedicated carpet tool with a motorized roller brush which works by agitating the carpets and removing dirt, hair and pet dander from deep within the piles of the carpet.

Watch the video below to learn more the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaners For Pet Hair. Please note, we did not include any promotional items (vacuums cleaners that maybe on sale from time to time). All models shown in this video are available throughout the year.