2014 Feb 15th

What you should look when buying a vacuum cleaner?

Buying vacuum cleaners can be very confusing. There are many makes and models out there. There are heavy TV advertising on some brands that pushing you to chose their makes. These days some vacuum manufacturers are pushing people to chose a bagless vacuum over the bagged one, uprights over canisters, ...

We are at Vacuum Warehouse are dealing with all kind of vacuums for over 30 years. We have seen it all. In our honest opinion, your vacuum cleaner is as good as it's filter! Yes, filtration is the most important part of a household vacuum. Imagine your vacuum is very powerful, very quiet and very light weight, but it leaks dust back to the air. It defeated the whole purpose of vacuuming. Imagine that you are cleaning your house from one end and plotting the air that you are breathing from the other end. Many vacuum cleaners are air polluters. There are very few vacuum companies that truly pay attention to excellent filtration on their vacuums. After many years of selling, repairing and maintaining tens of different brands, we believe that Miele is the best vacuum company for household use.

Bag or Bagless?

Many people ask whether they should choose a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner. Many customers see advertisements on TV about bagless vacuum cleaners. Since most people don't like to buy bags, they become tempted to try them.

Inside every vacuum cleaner there is a container to collect dust and garbage. Think of these containers as the garbage can in your kitchen. Having a bagless vacuum cleaner is like having a bagless garbage can. Imagine having to clean the smelly, sticky dirt that is left behind every time you empty the garbage can. The same is true of bagless vacuum cleaners. Each time the bucket becomes full you have to clean out the dust bucket, funnel, and screen. In a bagless vacuum cleaner dust and germs can easily get inside the various compartments and motor. This can lead to dust and smells exiting the vacuum cleaner into the air and makes it much more likely for your vacuum cleaner’s motor to get damaged. Recognizing the unmatched benefits of Filter Bags in delivering superior filtration, Miele does not manufacture bagless vacuum cleaners. Miele’s 9-layer disposable Filter Bag act as an important barrier between the dust, germs, and allergens that enter your vacuum cleaner and the air that you breathe in.

A box of Miele Filter Bags is $20.00 and it will last approximately 1 year. Each box includes 4 single bags, 1 Air Clean Filter and 1 Pre-motor Filter. Miele bags are available at most vacuum cleaner stores, department stores, and online.

Next to excellent filtration, power, light weight and low noise are normally the most desired features. Here Miele excels as well.