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C$849.00 C$599.00
(You save C$250.00)
Ships in 24 Hours
Lotus White (Only)
Cord Length:
24 Feet. (C3 models have the longest cord)
13 Lbs.
1200 Watts. Powerful But Quiet.
Free Canada Wide (Provinces). Expedited. Signature Required.
5 Years Includes Parts & Labor On All Components. 7 Years On The Motor.
Return Policy:
30 Days Free Returns.

Made in Germany, The Miele C3 Excellence is an amazing Vacuum Cleaner at an Unbelievable price point. Limited Quantities Available.

Miele Complete C3 Excellence Vacuum Cleaner On Sale.
+1 (877) 220 - 5656


Miele Complete C3 Excellence Vacuum Cleaner.

Before we talk about this model, let's answer one question. Why Should You Buy From Us? Checkout our Google Reviews and see why our customers love us.

Buy This Model If:  

  • You have Bare floors such as Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramic, Tile, Linoleum...
  • Any Type of Area rugs. 
  • Any Type of Wall To Wall Carpets
  • Pet Hair

Attachments Included:  

  • 3 Accessory Tools.
  • Combination Floor Brush For Bare Floors and Low Pile Rugs. SBD 285-3
  • Electric Powerhead (Dedicated Carpet Tool) SEB217-3

Watch The Extended demo video on the Miele Complete C3 Excellence:


  • Fast, Free Expedited Shipping to All Canadian Provinces.
  • Canada Post Signature Required.
  • For more information on shipping, please see our FAQ page here.
  • Does NOT Ship to the US 

Return Policy:  

  • 30 Days Free Returns. Please see our full return policy here 


  • Free 5 Year warranty on parts and labor. 
  • 7 Years on the motor.
  • Warranty offered by Miele Canada. If Warranty works are required, You may take the vacuum cleaner to the closes Miele service center to you anywhere in Canada. 

Bag Type:  

  • GN Bags. 4.5 Liter Capacity. You will have the option to add bags to your order as you Check Out.
  • Pack of 4 (includes 4 bags and 2 filters) $19.99.
  • Value Pack (includes 8 bags and 4 filters) $34.99. 

Questions About Color, Shipping, Returns?

  1. Check out our FAQ page
  2. Chat with us online, Call us Toll Free 1-877-220-5656 Or Email: Sales@vacuumwarehouse.ca   

What is a Limited Edition Model?

Time to time Miele introduces a Limited Edition vacuum Model to promote their line of vacuums. These units are the current models with the same warranties but come with different attachments than regular models and are less expensive to buy! The catch is that these limited edition units are very limited in quantities and they get sold out very quickly.Most of the time, the Limited Edition units that Miele promotes are just the classic C1 models. It is very rare that Miele brings a Complete C3 Limited edition model which is equipped with an Electric Powerhead and suitable for any type of flooring for sale. Buy yours now. 

Miele Complete C3 Excellence Tools and Attachments



SEB217-3 Electric Power Head: light-weight electronically-run brush that runs on a geared belt (similar to timing belt in your car) making it extremely reliable and effective. This power head maneuvers very nicely as it removes dirt, pet hair and pet dander from deep within the piles of your carpets.  




SBD285-3 Classic Combination Floor Brush: This brush is perfect for cleaning hard wood floors, ceramic tiles and low-pile carpeting. 



The C3 Limited edition model also comes with Three (3) accessories: These brushes include a crevice tool for cleaning corners; a dusting brush for cleaning draperies and key boards; and an upholstery brush for cleaning furniture and mattresses.




 Miele Complete C3 Excellence Features:  

  • 36-foot long Operating Radius: 
    • This allows convenient vacuuming of even larger rooms without frequently having to change power outlets.  



  • Comfort cable rewind with single-touch control: 
    • The cable on all Miele canister vacuum cleaners can be rewound easily with a foot control, without having to bend over. Compact C2, Complete C3 and Blizzard CX1 vacuum cleaners are also equipped with a touch control function, allowing the entire cable to be rewound at the touch of a button. 





  • Quiet, Powerful 1200 Watt Vortex Motor: 
    • With a 1200W Vortex Motor this Vacuum Cleaner is extremely powerful, So much so that it is equipped with a 6 setting Rotary Suction Control. From Delicate surfaces such as Curtains to Hard Surfaces such as Hard Floors. 
    • Miele’s encapsulated silent Vortex Motor makes very little sound. This means superior suction power, with extremely quiet operation.
    • The selected power level is ramped up slowly when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on. This protects the power supply from overload. 




  • Lightweight and Compact:
    • This Vacuum weighs only 14 pounds and that is thanks to its high grade ABS skeleton and Body.
    • Storage made easy. Thanks to the sophisticated Compact System, consisting of a Park System on both sides and an XXL handle with park option, Miele Canister vacuum cleaners are particularly easy to store and save space. 





  • Superb Filtration System: 9 Layer HEPA Bags, Sealed Compartment System and optional HEPA Filters mean No Dust will ever escape this machine. That eliminates health problems such as Asthma, Allergies and other respiratory problems.The Miele AirClean filter system, consisting of a Miele dustbag, motor protection filter and AirClean exhaust filter, ensures maximum hygiene. The amount of fine dust in the air is significantly reduced: The Miele AirClean filter system guarantees the filtration of more than 99.9% of the fine dust. 
  • The discharged air is actually cleaner than normal room air with a HEPA AirClean filter. 




  •  Bumper strip
    • The Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaners are equipped with an all-round furniture protection strip made from synthetic material. This protects both furniture and appliance in the event of accidental collisions. 




  Easy to Operate:

    • It is very easy to attached and detached attachments using the lock button on the end of attachments.
    • Miele telescopic steel wand is perfect for those with back problems. It allows you to adjust the wand to your height, preventing exhaustion and back pain when you vacuum.
    • All of the nuzzles on the vacuum cleaner swivel easily to reach under beds and furniture.
    • The extra long power cord retracts with just a push of a button.
    • A bag indicator tells you when the bag is full.
    • A two-ways parking system makes transporting and storing your vacuum cleaner a dream 


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Warranty Information

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  • 5

    Posted by Peter G on 2019 Oct 14th

    This machine is really what they say it is. It is has a very nice feeling while vacuuming. Since it is very quiet, you can hear the sound of small things that you are vacuuming. It feels that you are cleaning your carpets without getting headache. he hose handle is really comfortable to move arand and the suction is amazing. We have all other miele appliances from the fridge to dishwasher, they are all different and fantastic. You pay more but you enjoy them a lot. My daughter's allergies are much better. We got it on sale for 599 and got 5 year warranty. This store shipped for free in 3 days to BC which was really nice of them. Good and friendly people.

  • 5
    Best choice vacuum

    Posted by Sandy bulk on 2019 Oct 13th

    I read the consumer reports and I researched a lot about vacuums online. My mom has a dyson that we purchased for he birthday to make hr life easier. She is a very nice lady and doesn't complain much, but o many occasions, she did complain about her dyson. I kept telling her that she gets used to it. Last week I went to her house to try it myself. Poor lady was right, dyson was too heavy and bulky and complicated. I was so sorry for her as it was my decision to buy a dyson, I chose dyson based only on their advertising. I purchased this Miele last month after all the research that I had done. Such a nice vacuum this is. It is light and easy and strong. The five year warranty and simple design makes it joyful. I am going to buy one for my mom and try to sell the dyson on kijiji. Miele will be my choice from now on.

  • 4
    Top vacuum

    Posted by Sara V on 2019 Oct 11th

    I really love working with this vacuum. I have a 4 month old and a 2 years old kid in the house. I am constantly vacuuming. A quiet vacuum makes my life much easier. I can vacuum and kids can stay sleep. I also love it becouse it has the best filter system and is very sanitize. The adjustable wand is very handy and the attachments are easy to put on. The reason I gave it 4 stars is because I had no choice of color. I am not a big fan of white color. The store staff are very helpful. They answered all of my questions and their demo is very nice.

  • 5
    My best vacuum

    Posted by Patrik V on 2019 Oct 10th

    I am very happy with this vacuum. I recommend it to everyone. I have used many other brand of vacuums and this miele is totally different. You can feel the quality right away. I love how compact and monovarable this succer is. It also doesn't smell dust like my old one and is very very powerful. I have to lower the suction for most part. . .

  • 5
    Time saver Vacuum

    Posted by Navaz S on 2019 Oct 9th

    I did the whole house faster with no back pain or headaches. This a light , strong and quiet vacuum that you actually may enjoy using it. Thanks to people at vacum warehouse to helping me choosing this unit. I was about buying the more expensive miele but they told me about this model that is on sale. They shipped free in 2 days!

  • 5
    Best choice

    Posted by Sara Hood on 2019 Oct 9th

    I love it. It is very easy to vacuum with this miele. I should have bought it years ago. We have miele dishwasher for God 20 years and still working like the day one. My house came with built in vacuum. The hose on built in is long and heavy. Miele is more powerful and more versatile. 2 thumbs up.

  • 5
    Fantastic Cleaner

    Posted by Nick Poulios on 2019 Oct 7th

    My family always used miele products in Europe for generations. When I transferred to BC 10 years ago, I purchased at least 6 different vacuums from different big box stores and all were disappointments. I wasted so much money until I saw the miele video when I was searching for yet another vacuum. I remembered our own miele vacuum from back home that we used for ever. I got this white model for 250 off and I love it. I know that this miele will last me 20 years. It is eveen lighter than my old one and I found that it is made in Germany. The next thing that I will buy is the miele washer and dryer.

  • 5
    Excellent cleaner

    Posted by All Gabani on 2019 Oct 5th

    Thanks miele for building a vacuum cleaner that works and is affordable. My allergies are better my home is cristal clean and I didn't pay a thousand dollars. My sister has miele appliances in her house and she told me to get a miele vacuum. I always though they are very expensive. I got this unit on sale and I love it.

  • 5
    Complete C3 Excellence

    Posted by Dan Y. on 2019 Oct 3rd

    We have had this vacuum for only a short time but it certainly didn't take long to figure out that this is a "Gem" of a vacuum. We give it top marks for style, build and performance. Everything about this vacuum rings 'quality'. It looks like this will be the last vacuum we will ever have to buy. We would also like to give a shoot-out to Rob and his staff for their assistance and excellent service. Delivery was quick and the vacuum arrived in perfect condition. Great job MIELE - you DO know how to build great vacuums.

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