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Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Obsidian Black

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Product Description

Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Control Type:Remote Control,Touch Control,Capacity:0.6 L,Motor:22 W,Diameter:35 cm,Body Weight of Vacuum:2.9 k


Miele Scout RX1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner picks up messes thoroughly and quietly when it is not hampered by a lack of boundaries.


The Miele Scout RX1 Robot is one of the most thorough carpet and hard-surface Robot cleaners you can find. If you are tired of frequent vacuuming, you can take a break once in a while from main vacuuming and unleash this robotic vacuum to help you clean your house effortlessly. This vacuum may not replace the main vacuum in the house, but it definitely helps you to clean the house between main vacuuming.  


This unique Miele Robot vacuum, has a number of sensors and an on board camera to guide it around and avoid obstacles.


Its main eyes are the camera located on the top of the robot that maps the ceiling to monitor its position to make sure it does not miss spots.This camera works in combo with a gyro sensor that measures rotation to make sure that the robot goes in the right direction.


To avoid colliding with objects, it has 7 anti-collision sensors around the sides.

Underneath it are cliff sensors that prevent this from falling off “cliff” areas like stairs.


To clean it uses a combination of two side brushes, a motorized brush and suction to pick up dirt.

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