Best Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

Below you will find Miele's Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floor in Canada:

Welcome to Miele's Best Selection of Canister Vacuums For Hardwood Floors, or any bare floor such as Laminate, linoleum, Ceramic, Tile or Stone. 

To be more specific, There are 2 categories from above list in terms of the type of attachments provided.

1. Combination Hard Floor And Carpet Tool (Low Pile Carpets)

Vacuums equipped with a "Combination Floor Tool". Vacuums equipped with this floor tool, are capable to handle both hardfloors and low pile carpets and area rugs.This type of floor tool is equipped with a pedal that allows the user to switch from Hard Floor setting to Carpet Setting without having to change the floor attachment.

Models equipped with the Combination Floor Tool:

2. Seperate Hard Floor Tools (Parquet Twister SBB300-3) And Turbo Brush (STB30-3)

Vacuums equipped with a tool (Parquet Twister) specific to Hard Floors and a Turbo Brush for Low to Medium Pile Carpets and area rugs. Miele has designed a purpose built tool specific to Hardwood Floors. Its called the Parquet Twister and with its long natural bristles and a swivel neck, this is by far the best floor tool for hardwood floors in the market. The vacuum Cleaners equipped with the Parqute Twister are also equipped with a Turbo Brush, which is a tool specific to Low To Medium Pile Area Rugs and Carpets. Considering that most of us have gotten rid of our thick shag wall to wall carpets long ago, and most of the houses today are made up mostly hardwood floors, its no wonder these models are Miele's Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors.

Please Note: Miele is currently offering the Miele C3 Limited Edition equipped with a "combination Floor Brush" and the "parquet Twister" at a discounted price ($200 Off) of only CAD $399 including a 5 Year comprehensive Warranty.