Central Vacuum Machines

Central Vacuum Systems

If you are looking to purchase a Central Vacuum Machine for your own use, we have 4 rules to stick to:

  1. No fancy LED screens on the body of the machine. They do tend to break down often. Keep it as simple as possible.
  2. No Plastic Bodies. They create a lot of static and attract dust. A good quality metal body is recommended.
  3. Make sure the Central Vacuum Machine can accommodate a Bag. This increases the filtration layers and extends the life of the motor. Its also less messy to dispose of the dirt.
  4. The only thing left is a GOOD motor. What is a Good motor? A Bypass Motor preferably a Lamb Motor. Lamb is an American Brand and they make the most reliable motors in the market.

If you look closely, a common theme appears. Keep It Simple. A good metal Body, Bagged System, and a good motor. The Models you see below are exactly just that. They are made here in Ontario. They only use Bypass Lamb Motors, Great Suction, Quiet and they are reliable. A Central Vacuum is the type of appliance you need to purchase once and forget about it. That is exactly what these Central Vacuum Machines offer.