Commercial Canister Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial Canister Vacuums have always been popular among Janitorial, Commercial Cleaning, and maintenance professionals. Being a Canister, The heaviest part of the vacuum, the motor and the canister body which houses the usually full dust bag sits on the floor and does not put any unwanted  pressure on users body. As long as a Canister Vacuum has a decent size, durable wheels or casters, it can be pushed around rather easily. Due to the same fact, Commercial Canisters have a large dust capacity. Also most Commercial Canisters also have a wider application since there are a number of attachments that can be added for many different types of flooring or surfaces. Here is why the Commercial Canisters are so popular:

  • Large Dust bag capacity.
  • Typically light weight and Easier to carry up and down stairs.
  • Variety of attachments to cover any type of flooring from Hard Floors to high pile Carpets.
  • Easier to use around obstacles.

A lot of the reasons stated above also make most of the commercial canister models suitable for residential applications as well. 

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