Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaners:

Commercial Upright Vacuums, AKA Stand up Vacuums have been a solid category in the commercial cleaning industry for decades. They are built to be powerful and durable since they are put to work almost daily and cover really large areas. However, We believe commercial Uprights are better suited for certain applications which is large Carpeted Areas, Such as Hotels, Golf Clubs, Apartment Building, Offices, Government Building, Restaurants and more.

  • Commercial Uprights have a wide cleaning path. Some have 12",14" or 16" cleaning paths and that makes them ideal and very efficient for cleaning large areas in less time.
  • Some Models are equipped with a hose and Tools on board
  • Commercial Uprights are mostly bagged vacuums, but bags are readily available and inexpensive.

Please see below our Commercial Upright Models. If you have any questions Please Call Us Toll Free at  1-877-220-5656.

Here is our selection of Best Upright Vacuums: