Are all of your vacuums and parts that you ship new?

Yes. We do not ship any used or old items. Every item is brand new in its original box.

Do I have choice of colour on vacuums?

No. Every model of vacuums come only in the colour that we posted on the page.

Where can I buy Miele bags?

A box of Miele Filter Bags is $20.00 and it will last approximately 1 year. Each box includes 4 single bags, 1 Air Clean Filter and 1 Pre-motor Filter. Miele bags are available at most vacuum cleaner stores, department stores, and online. Every Miele vacuum has Full bag indicator that shows you when the bag is full.

What happens if the vacuum needs warranty work? do I have to send it back to you?

No. There are many warranty centres across Canada. In case you need any repair on your vacuum, You will contact the toll free number that is on the vacuum's manual to find the closest warranty centre to you.

I purchased a miele vacuum cleaner from a department store and found out that it is not made in Germany. How about your models?

All C2 and S3 models that we sell, are made in Germany. 

I saw a Miele vacuum model on US website. Can I buy them here?

No. Us models are different from Canadian models. Chose the ones that you see on Canadian web sites.

What is the main difference between the C1 and C2 or C3 Miele vacuums?

There are many differences. C2 and C3 models are Miele's newest models that have better motors, better attachments and higher qualities. But there is one major difference. We do not have the sealed system on C1 vacuums. Sealed system is the mechanism that prevents small dust particles to scape the vacuum cleaner and go back into the air. So C2 and C3 models are better for allergy sufferers. 

What happens if I found a better price?

We at Vacuum Warehouse are Canada's First Miele store and will match every companies prices.

Do you sell any other brand that Miele?

Yes. We sell almost every brand of vacuums, how ever we are confident that Miele is the best brand to sell. You will be happy when you buy one and there is a big chance that you recommend Miele to your friend. We get many referrals when customer are happy. We tried to sell many other brands on line and got mostly returns and complaints. Miele is the only brand that has every thing that people want. It is light weight, quiet and supper powerful. With 5 Year warranty no other brand can compete with it.

Why we do not see Miele advertising on TV? I see Dyson advertising every day.

Miele philosophy over 110 years in Germany is that a good advertising sells your product once, A good manufacturing sells your product for life. "Immer Besser" "For ever Better".