Where are you located?

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. (#3-8910 Yonge St)

How long have you been in Business?

In this location, Since 1999. 

What if I wanted to return the vacuum?

No Problems. We offer you a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days of your purchase. In the event that you wish to return or exchange your item(s), we will refund you the purchase price in full. Items will be refunded only if they are in their original condition (in working order, no foul smells/odors, no broken parts, and no missing pieces). you return the vacuum in the original box, no missing parts or damage. 

Is your online checkout system secure?

Absolutely. We have gone to great lengths to ensure our customers enjoy the most up to date security features on our checkout page. If you look closely to our url, you will see the "https://" before our domain name. That indicates the security of the website and our check out page. 

What Tax Rate do you charge?

When ordering online, Sales Taxes are charged based on the billing and shipping address. Once you have input your Billing/Shipping address, the system will automatically adjust for the taxes of that province accordingly. WE DO NOT CHARGE PST FOR BC AND QUEBEC CUSTOMERS.

Are you prices in Canadian or American Dollars?

We are a Canadian Based Company and Prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Do you Sell Used / Refurbished Vacuums?

No. We Do Not.

Where do you Ship From?

Ontario, Canada.

Which method do you use for Free Shipping?

We use Canada Post Regular Parcel for our Free Shipping Method. We do try to upgrade most packages to the Expedited Parcel.

How Long will it take for my package to arrive?

Depending on where we need to ship, Ontario and Quebec (Montreal) about 2 business days. BC and Alberta about 4-5 Business Days. Other Provinces about 3-4 Business Days.

What if there is no one home to accept the package when the package arrives?

All shipments over $100 are signature required. That means no one is present to accept and sign for the package, the package will be sent to the closes Canada Post location to be picked up at your convenience. Also a notice will be left to notify you of location of the package.

Do you ship to US?

Canadian Dealers can not ship Miele Products to the US and vice versa.

What is the difference between Miele C2 and C3 Models?

Read Our Blog Article here: Blog

How do make sure I have chosen a vacuum that is right for me?

Read Our Blog Article Here: Blog

You can also call us at Toll Free 1-877-220-5656 or send us an email at Sales@vacuumwarehouse.ca

Are all of your vacuums and parts that you ship new?

Yes. We do not ship any used or old items. Every item is brand new in its original box.

With Miele Vacuums do I have choice of color?

No. Miele Vacuums are Color coded. That means each model is made only in one color. 

Where can I buy Miele bags?

You can always order from us, online shops or any major department store such as Best Buy, Bed Bath and Beyond, The Bay.

What happens if the vacuum needs warranty work? do I have to send it back to you?

No. There are many warranty centres across Canada. In case you need any repair on your vacuum, you can take the vacuum to the closest Miele warranty center.

I purchased a miele vacuum cleaner from a department store and found out that it is not made in Germany. How about your models?

All C2 and C3 models that we sell, are made in Germany. 

I saw a Miele vacuum model on US website. Can I buy them here?

No. Us models are different from Canadian models. Chose the ones that you see on Canadian web sites.

What is the main difference between the C1 and C2 or C3 Miele vacuums?

There are many differences. C2 and C3 models are Miele's newest models that have better motors, better attachments and are better quality machines. But there is one major difference. C1 Classic Vacuums are not equipped with a Sealed system. That is the mechanism that prevents small dust particles to escape the vacuum cleaner and go back into the air. The C2 and C3 models are completely sealed and therefore better for allergy sufferers. 

What happens if I found a better price?

We price match. All we need is the link to the same exact product being sold at a lower price.