Henry Vacuum For Schools and Day Cares

7 Reasons why Henry vacuums are perfect for Schools, Day Cares and Indoor Play Grounds

The Henry Commercial Vacuum has been one of the most popular commercial vacuum cleaner in Canada for years now. They are used in a myriad of applications from Retail, Hospitals, Offices, Hospitality and more. However, one of the most popular applications for the Henry vacuums have been Schools and Day Cares. We sell more of the Henry to Child Care facilities, Indoor playgrounds and schools than any other commercial vacuum cleaner out there.  

Here are 7 reasons why the Henry is so loved for this particular setting:

  1. Henry vacuums are Light-weight and easy to maneuver. That is very useful in a Day Care or School setting with a lot of chairs, tables, and obstacles on the floor. 
  2. Henry Vacuums have a superb filtration system. They use HEPA Bags and a pretty substantial TriTex Filter. All that means is that the dust that is being collected does not leak back and pollute the air. That is extremely important specially in a place like a Day Care. 
  3. They have a long 33 ft commercial cord which means you don't have to constantly look for an electric outlet.
  4. They have a 9 Liter Dust Capacity which means it takes a while to fill them up and you are not constantly changing dust bags.
  5. They are equipped with a very powerful yet quiet motor which means you can clean efficiently in less time.
  6. Although most commercial vacuums come with a 1 year manufacturer warranty, the Henry comes with a 5 year warranty on the motor and 2 years on parts and labor.
  7. Tool Options. You have the option to choose between 2 models. The Henry HVR200 which is equipped with 1 universal floor tool called the Combination floor Brush which can handle both carpets and bare floors. Alternatively you can choose the Henry Xtra HVX160 which comes with the same Combination floor, brush as well as a dedicated Bare Floor Tool and a dedicated Air Driven Carpet Tool. This model can handle any floor type.