Henry Vacuums For Commercial Applications

Henry Vacuums For Commercial Applications

Below you will find the best selection of Henry vacuums for Commercial application such as Cleaning / Maintenance companies, Schools, Day Cares, Restaurants, Office building, Gyms, Hospitality industry, retail, shops, and much more.

You will notice 2 different Models of Henry, Hetty and Henry Xtras. The 160 models and the 200 Models. All these models have the same exact motor, suction power, hose and attachments. The difference is: 

  • The 160 Models are 12 lbs (lighter by 2 lbs), have a smaller dirt capacity (6 Liters), and a shorter cord (20 ft).
  • Ehe 200 Models are 14 lbs, have a larger dirt capacity (9 Liters), and longer cord (33 ft).