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miele c3 cat and dog vacuum.
miele c3 cat and dog vacuum.
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
Miele c3 cat and dog vacuum
miele c3 cat and dog vacuum.
Suitable For Bare Floors:
Suitable For Wall to Wall Carpets:
Yes. Low to High Pile - Soft
Suitable for Pet Hair:
Yes. High Shedding
13 Lbs
Cord Length:
24 Ft
Dust Bag Capacity:
4.5 Liters
Suction Settings:
6 - Digital - Foot Operated
Accessory Tools:
3 - OnBoard
1200 Watts
Made In:

Expected release date is 2020 Oct 29th

+1 (877) 220 - 5656


Buy The Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner if you have lots of medium to high pile wall to wall carpets, lots of pet hair and bare floors. This model comes with Miele's most powerful powerhead. That means this powerhead has a powerful motor, five adjustable height settings, large brush roll, and short bristles, which all help create a lot of agitation on carpets and contribute to this powerhead's deep cleaning capabilities. This model also comes with Miele's Best tool for Bare Floors, so you get the best of both worlds.

This may NOT be a suitable model for you if you do not have any rugs or carpeting.

Watch our demonstration video below to see Miele C3 Cat and Dog vacuum in action.


Attachments Included With the Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog:  

Miele SEB228 Electric Power Head: This electrically-driven carpet tool with a 14"-wide brush roll is ideal for low- to high-pile and plush carpeting. Equipped with a swivel neck and five-level height adjustment, this Power Head has different height adjustments to cater to various carpet piles. It is so powerful that it almost drives itself forward as it removes dirt, dander, and pet hair from deep within your carpets.


Miele SBB-300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Brush: This is Miele's Best attachment for Bare Floors such as Hardwood, Ceramic, Laminate and Stone. This unique floor brush comes with natural bristles And a Neck that pivots and moves in different directions. That means this tool is exceptionally maneuverable, especially under and around obstacles like chairs and tables.


3 Accessory Tools On-Board. All Miele Vacuums come with the three little accessory tools (dusting brush, Upholstery Brush and Crevice Tool). However, Miele C3 vacuums are the only models with the accessory tools integrated onto the body of the vacuum. So they are easy to access, and you never lose them.


Miele C3 Cat & Dog Features:  

  • Long Cord:  All C3 Models come with a  24 ft cord which allows convenient vacuuming of even larger rooms without frequently having to change power outlets. 


  • Large Dust Capacity. The Miele C3 models have the largest dust compartment and take GN bags with a 4.5 liter dust capacity.
  • Lightweight. High Grade ABS Plastic Body, means this vacuum only wights 13 lbs.  


  • Foot Operated Suction Setting Controls.  


  • Bumper strip: The Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaners are equipped with an all-round furniture protection strip made from synthetic material. This feature protects both furniture and appliance in the event of accidental collisions.  


Miele's Superb Air Clean Filtration System  

The Miele Air Clean System consists of a 9 Layer Microfiber Dust Bags, a Pre-motor filter, a Microfilter exhaust filter and a Sealed Compartment System. This means No Dust will ever escape a Miele Vacuum. That eliminates health problems such as Asthma, Allergies and other respiratory problems. The Miele AirClean filter system guarantees the filtration of more than 99.9% of the fine dust. 


The C3 Cat & Dog is equipped with an upgraded Charcoal filter (SF AA50) instead of the standard Microfiber Filter and helps remove odours. This is another reason why this model is perfect for people with pet hair and pet dander. The SF AA50 should be replaced once a year.

Other Features of The Miele C3 Cat & Dog Vacuum Cleaner:   

Miele Vacuum Cleaners have enjoyed tremendous popularity over the years because of their quality and reliability. Here are some of the features shared by all Miele Vacuums: 

  • Quiet, Powerful 1200 Watt Vortex Motor:Miele’s encapsulated silent Vortex Motor makes very little sound. This means superior suction power, but with quiet operation. The selected power level is ramped up slowly when Miele vacuum cleaners are switched on. This protects the power supply from overload.
  • A Full Bag Indicator which tell you when you need to change the dust bag.
  • Adjustable Telescopic Stainless Steel Wand allows you to adjust the wand to your height, preventing exhaustion and back pain when you vacuum. It's also handy when trying to reach high places such as the ceiling.
  • It is very easy to attach and detach attachments using the lock button on the end of attachments.
  • All of the nuzzles on the vacuum cleaner swivel easily to reach under beds and furniture.
  • A two-ways parking system makes transporting and storing your vacuum cleaner a dream

Miele C3 Cat & Dog Dust Bags:  

As a C3 model, this vacuum takes GN bags:You will have the option to add bags to your order as you Check Out.  

Miele C3 Cat & Dog Warranty:  

  • Free 5 Year warranty on parts and labor. 
  • 7 Years on the motor.
  • The Warranty is offered by Miele Canada. If Warranty works are required, You may take the vacuum cleaner to the closes Miele service center to you anywhere in Canada. In case you live far from a Miele Service Center, we will happily ship a new part out to you free of charge.   

What's In The Box?

  • Miele C3 Cat & Dog Canister (Mango Red)
  • Electric Hose and Handle
  • Telescopic Wand
  • SEB 228 Electric Powerhead
  • SBB300-3 Paquet Twister Floor Tool
  • 1X GN Dust Bag Already Installed
  • 1X Pre-Motor Filter Already Installed
  • 1X SF AA 50 Charcoal Activated Exhaust Filter
  • 1X Standard Dusting Brush
  • 1X Standard Crevice Tool
  • 1X Standard Upholstery Tool  

Products You Should Consider Adding:  

  • 2 Year Supply of GN Bags. Its a great idea to get extra bags now and the 2 year supply at $34.99 is better value than the 1 year supply at $19.99.
  • Hand Turbo Brush STB101. An excellent tool for removing pet hair from furniture, Upholstery, Runners on Stairs, beds, and more. 
  • SFD20 Long Flexible Crevice Tool. Your Miele vacuum already comes with a standard 4" crevice tool. But the SFD20 is a long (almost 2 feet) flexible crevice tool that is useful in accessing hard to reach places such as underneath the stove and the fridge and most notably in the dryer vent.
  • SF AA-50 Charcoal Activated Filter. This model already comes with the upgraded SFAA50 filter out of the box. Most customers add a second one to their order to avoid paying shipping charges later.

Ready to place your order? We've made it Safe and Easy: 

  1. Secure Checkout: First and foremost, we offer a 100% Secure Checkout, so your information is completely safe and secure.
  2. Account Registration Not Required: You have the option to Check Out as a "Guest" without having to set up an account.
  3. Payment Options: You can pay by Visa/MasterCard or use your PayPal account.
  4. Order Confirmation/Delivery: 
  • You will receive a confirmation/receipt email immediately after you complete your order.
  • You will be notified by email as soon as the product has been shipped. This email will include a tracking number and an estimated delivery date. 

Our Return Policy:   

  • 30 Days Free Returns. Please see our full return policy here.   


  • Fast, Free Shipping To All Canadian Provinces.
  • Signature Required: We require a signature upon delivery of our packages. If there is no one present at the time of delivery to accept the package, Canada Post will leave you a notice indicating the location of the package to be picked up at your convenience. 

If you have any more Questions?   

Warranty Information

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  • 4

    Posted by Ammey V on 2020 Feb 2nd

    Just love it. It is very good vacuum for both carpets and floors. I am German and I am very familiar with Miele. My mom still using her 30 year old miele vacuum back home.

  • 5
    Excellent vacuum for pets

    Posted by Farhad B on 2020 Jan 20th

    Very nice vacuum for pets and carpets. I love the power of this vacuum. The powerhead is self propelled and easy to push. I like the attachments on top of vacuum too. It is very quiet.

  • 2
    Not happy with timing

    Posted by Juddy B on 2020 Jan 7th

    I ordered this vacuum online on Dec 27th after long research online. I already wasted my $$$ on a dyson vacuum and wanted the good high end vacuum to finish with my vacuum need once for all. The vacuum supposed to arrive in 2 days but I got it after the new year on Jan/2th. They blamed the delay on holidays but I needed the vacuum during the holiday as I had gatherings and no vacuum to clean the house.

  • 4
    Excellent for pet hair

    Posted by Joanne White on 2019 Dec 16th

    I have lots of carpets in the house and also we have 2 pets. The power works very good on the carpet. The vibration will remove every bit of dust from carpet and the nozzle sucks it in like a monster. This vacuum is not a regular or average kind of vacuum that you buy at big box stores. I love the floor brush too as it moves in every direction. See the video that they have posted on their site, It is very informative.

  • 5
    Love it.

    Posted by Bill J on 2019 Oct 13th

    There is no chance for my pet hair to stand the suction of this vacuum. The power head is super strong and easy to push. it goes on almost by itself. The bag is large and easy to change. The power head is a bit heavy but I need a big power head for my big dogs.

  • 5
    Excellent unit

    Posted by Alex Darabi on 2019 Oct 5th

    It is the best vacuum I had ever owned. This power head is what you need for pet hair. The power head is a bit heavy and it is bigger that average powerheads. I have lots of thick carpets and 3 dogs and 2 girls. Lots of hair everywhere, I need such a heavy duty power head. The floor brush is also included with this unit with other small attachments. The only thing is the bag gets full almost every month because 2 of the Golden retrievers shed a lot and our German shepherd shed even more . I try to empty the bag and reuse it as the bag is almost like a cloth and has very good quality. I found a way to empty bags and reuse them for few times. This way I buy only one box of bags which has 4 bag inside a year for 20 dollars. I had a bagless upright vacuum before and it was a waste of money and my time. Love this miele.

  • 5
    Very Good Vacuum for pets.

    Posted by Many G on 2019 Sep 30th

    Really powerful and strong. It doesn't leave anything behind. I have a golden retriever with tons of hair. This power head is like a monster for his hair. Also quiet and easy to change the bag. No bad smell with this unit. It has charcoal filter with HEPA bag. Very good for my allergies. Buy extra bag as they ship orders over 75 dollars free. They sent the unit with Canadapost in 2 days. Very good service.

  • 5
    Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum

    Posted by Multiple pet owner on 2018 Jul 2nd

    Love it! Love it! Love it! We have two dogs (one is quite big) and a cat, with a combo of hardwood floors and wall-to-wall carpeting in a 5000 square foot home. We have been looking for years for a vacuum that is up to the challenge - powerful yet easy to move around, and versatile for a variety of flooring. At long last, we found this vacuum, and it's just the ticket! It really does and is all the things that are described here.

  • 5
    powerful and very pet friendly.

    Posted by Ann Decota on 2016 Jun 17th

    I purchased this vacuum from vacuum warehouse almost a year ago. This cat and dog vacuum is now my second best friend. My German shepherd remains my best friend. :) I dont know how I cleaned my house without my miele vacuum. No more dog hair or bad smell in the house. Purchase the hand turbo brush with the purchase since the first order will be qualify for free shipping. I had to buy the turbo brush after, and paid for shipping. The carpeted stairs that I have is impossible to clean without the hand turbo brush. Do not buy lots of bags, I purchased 4 box of bags with the vacuum since I thought I am going to go through many bags with my hairy dog, but the bags are very good quality and very large. You need one box a year and they are 20 dollars a box. You are going to love the floor head too. I will recommend this unit to everyone I know.

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