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Miele CX1 Blizzard Bagless Cat and dog Vacuum
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 Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog Turbo Bagless Vacuum - Red 

The Miele CX1 Blizzard Cat & Dog Turbo Vacuum Cleaner is ideal for those with medium to high pile carpets, plush carpets, smooth floors (hardwood, ceramic, etc), and pet hair.

Watch this video to learn all about the Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog:


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Take advantage of this limited time offer and get Free 5 Year warranty on both parts and labor and Free Shipping! 


* The Free 5 Year Warranty will be added to the cart automatically.



With the new bagless and permanent washable filters, feel free to vacuum as much cat and dog hair as you want. You simply empty the bucket with Click2Open easy release system. 

The streamlined design of the Blizzard uses powerful airflow suction, mono-cyclone Vortex technology, and a HEPA Lifetime filter for quieter and healthier cleaning. This means no bags and no filters for life.



Over the past 30 years we have sold every kind and brand of vacuum cleaner. We believe that Miele vacuums are absolutely the best canister vacuum cleaners for household use. This is based on decades of experience in Miele vacuum sales, service, warranty work, and working with hundreds of Miele customers. We are confident that you will be very pleased with your purchase!

After many years of research and development, Miele has released its super powerful, super quiet, and super lightweight, hi-tech Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog bagless vacuum cleaner. Designed and made in Germany, this bagless vacuum is the result of 80 years of Miele experience in floor care and vacuum manufacturing. It is built to last the equivalent of 20 years of use. 

In creating a bagless vacuum cleaner series, Miele did not simply remove the bag. It designed a vacuum cleaner that maintains Miele's world renowned standards in suction, noise level, and air quality while removing the need for a disposable bag and filter. The result is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner that will allow you to achieve and maintain a clean, healthy home environment without buying bags and filters.

What sets Miele Blizzard vacuums apart from other bagless vacuum brands is the fact that unlike most other bagless vacuums on the market, emptying the dust container is hygienic. Most other bagless vacuums are very messy and unhealthy to empty. Lots of dust particles go back out into the air at the time of emptying the dust container, causing mess and unhealthy indoor environment. This is in addition to the fact that most other bagless brands are also heavy, bulky, and noisy. Miele has fixed all those flaws, this is how. 

More than just a bagless vacuum - superior cleaning thanks to revolutionary Hygienic Lifetime Filter technology

higenick-liftime.jpg Certified hygienic

Miele vacuums are renowned for being powerful, innovative, and hygienic. In creating a bagless vacuum cleaner, maintaining high standards in filtration and air quality were key. Miele has achieved this with the revolutionary filtration system in their bagless vacuum series with a three-stage filtration system

vortex-technology.jpg Vortex technology





The first stage of filtration is Miele's mono-cyclone Vortex technology, which separates the coarse, heavy particles from the fine dust particles.

Mono-cyclone Vortex technology produces an enormous air velocity of more than 100 km/h. This ensures that coarse debris and fine dust are separated for more convenient and clean disposal. Coarse, heavy particles go into the clear dust container, which is emptied by one touch Click2open function. This function ensures that far less dust escape the container when being emptied because most fine dust are not in this container so they won't go airborne when the bucket is emptied.    

 Mono-cyclone, Vortex technology differs from the multi-cyclone systems used by other brands. Vortex technology is extremely powerful, with an airflow exceeding 100km/h, which only passes through one single and larger cyclone. In multi-cyclone systems, the air travels through a series of small cyclones wasting power and causing a high noise level. It is also virtually impossible to control the suction power on this type of system, as it needs to operate at a constant high speed to maintain the cyclone. The new Miele Blizzard CX1 offers four suction power settings for convenient, precise control and quieter operation. Use lower suction when vacuuming delicate surfaces such as computer keyboards or drapes, and higher suction when vacuuming floors or carpets.

Hygienic, dust-free disposal




The second stage in Miele's filtration system is the Gore® CleanStream® filterclean.

 The finer dust is trapped in the separate, pleated Gore® CleanStream® filter, which also features a clever sensor controlled ComfortClean self- cleaning system. The fine dust remain in the folds of the filter, which self cleans. Approximately twice a year the sensor turns redto signal you that the filter should be rinsed with water to remove the fine dust. Using water ensures that the fine dust does not reenter the air. Simply hygienic.

hepa-liftime.jpg HEPA lifetime filter





The third and last stage in Miele's superior filtration system is its Lifetime HEPA Filter. 

 Thanks to the HEPA 13 Lifetime filter, even the smallest particles, such as fine dust and allergens, are retained up to 99.999% by the system. The Blizzard CX1 has been given the quality "seal of approval" by Allergy UK Seal of Approval for its powerful overall dust retention capacity. This means allergy relief vacuum with no bags and no filters for life.


Power adjustment  
20000132307.opi.jpg  The optimum power level with one touch. The electronic suction power control is controlled by an infinitely adjustable rotary selector. There are images on the rotary to guide you with the best suction setting. Use lower suction when vacuuming delicate surfaces such as computer keyboards, and higher suction when vacuuming floors or carpets.
Whisper quiet   
miele-quaiet.jpg Miele vacuum cleaners are known for their whisper quiet silence. Miele Vortex motors are the quietest vacuum cleaner motors in the Miele range, making the C1X Blizzard among the quietest vacuums on the market.

Accompanying accessories and attachments



Miele SEB217-3 Electric Power Head

Light-weight, electronically-run brush that runs on a geared belt (similar to timing belt in your car) making it extremely reliable and effective. This power head maneuvers very nicely as it removes dirt, pet hair, dander, and odours from deep down your carpets.



Miele SBB-300-3 Parquet Twister Floor Brush

 This brush has natural bristles which is suitable for cleaning high quality wooden floors and natural stone finishes. Its unique twister neck and comfort hose handle enables the brush to pivot and maneuver with minimal effort.


Twister neck and comfort hose handle

This unique handle enables the brush to pivot and maneuver with minimal effort.


Three (3) precision brushes

Crevice tool for cleaning corners; a dusting brush for cleaning draperies and key boards; and an upholstery brush for cleaning furniture and mattresses.



STB 101 Hand Turbo Brush

The Miele STB101 is recommended for the cleaning carpeted stairs and other carpeted places that you can’t reach with the large electric power head. Do you have a shedding pet and you need a more aggressive way to clean your furniture, stairs or car? This handheld turbo brush is just the tool you need.


Key features:

  • Color: Red
  • Ultra-powerful Vortex 1200 watt motor
  • Variable Suction control
  • Electric power brush for medium to low pile carpet
  • Non-slip belt with overload protects against breakage
  • 33' reach with automatic cord winder
  • Twister Parquet Floor Brush to vacuum hardwood floors
  • Turbo Hand Brush to vacuum stairs and hard to reach carpeted areas 
  • 4 Swivel soft caster wheels
  • Bagless Vortex technology
  • Sealed filtration
  • Lifetime HEPA filters never need replacing
  • 5 year warranty on eveythin 7 years on motor.
  • Weight: only 13 pounds
  • Made in Germany 



Warranty Information

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  • 5
    Best money I have spent for my house.

    Posted by Karolaina on 2018 Mar 25th

    I had a dyson DC33 for 2 years. I have to admit that I fall for dyson awesome advertising and I had waisted 700 dollars of my money on it. I used Miele cat and dog vacuum at my sisters house once. What a nice and easy to use vacuum. I purchased a unit from vacuum warehouse and I love using it. This Miele is much more powerful, and much more practical to use. I noticed that the air inside my apartment doesn't smell pet hair. Also the Miele is much lighter and wheels are much more maneuverable. I noticed that Miele cord is also much longer and it simply WORKS. I read everything about this unit and also noticed that it is Made in Germany. The quality is not comparable to any other vacuum that I had before and trust me I have had many vacuums because of my dogs. Love it!

  • 5
    Lov it.

    Posted by Angi on 2017 Oct 9th

    Love this vacuum. Just got it last week. My sister owns one baglsees miele blizzard in France for a year. She recommended this vacuum to me but it was't available in Canada until last week. I got last week from vacuum warehouse fast and with free shipping. The fact that I dont have to buy bags and filters and it very easy to empty, makes me feel to vacuum more often. Just love it. No more of my lovely dog hair all of the place Lol.

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