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Hetty Vacuum cleaner
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Numatic Hetty Vacuum Cleaner - HET200A CANISTER

Lets put it this way, The Hetty is Henry's Sister. Who is Henry you may ask? Well Henry Vacuum Cleaner is one of the best commercial vacuum cleaners in the market. You can learn more about the Henry Here. The only difference between the Hetty and the Henry is in their color. Henry is Red, and Hetty is Pink. Just like the Henry, Hetty Commercial Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful, lightweight, quiet vacuum cleaner which is perfect for hospitals, hotels, shops, retail outfits, post construction cleaners, daycare, schools, Cleaning companies, Cruise liners and also homes with low to medium pile carpets.

Isn't She Cute? 

Best For: Bare Floors Such as hardwood floors, laminate and ceramic tiles and Low Pile or Commercial Carpets.
Residential And Offices, Retail, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels, Gyms, Government Buildings, Hospitals (DOP TESTED).

Motor: 620 Watts, 1 Stage, 1 Speed, 2,000+ Hours.
2.5 Gal. (9 Liter)
ShippingFreeCanada Post, Signature Required, Includes Tracking #

Return Policy: 30 Days Full Refund. 
Condition: New 
Color: Pink (Only).
Bag Type: Hepaflow NVM-1CH.
Weight: 15 Lbs 

Power Cord: 33 Feet
Accessory Tools: Yes. 3: Upholstery, Dusting Brush and Crevice Tool
Floor Attachments: 1 X Combination Floor Brush for Bare Floors and Low Pile Carpets.

Commercial Warranty: 

Motor: 5 years as long as NaceCare OEM Vacuum Bags are used in the machine otherwise it is reduced to 2 years.
Parts: 2 years on switches and electrical parts excluding wear items (see list below) .
Labour: 2 years 

Numerous items wear out under normal usage conditions. These items are not eligible for warranty coverage. These include: vacuum hoses, hose cuffs, hose fittings, brushes, belts, filters, filter screens, grips, Castors, Wheels, Tires, Light Bulbs, Gaskets, Carbon brushes, fuses, drain hoses, power cords, bearings, o-rings, armatures, and vacuum bags. 

Questions About Color, Shipping, Returns? 

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If you would like to learn more about the Hetty, watch below video on the Henry. 


Hetty Commercial Vacuum Attachment and Accessories: 


Combo Brush: 


Henry comes with a combination Carpet/Floor head that makes vacuuming carpet and floors very easy.  




Precision Tools: 


  • Dusting Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Hose Adapter




Here at Vacuum Warehouse, we are one the larges suppliers of Nacecare Hetty Vacuums in Canada. Numatic Hetty Commercial Vacuum is Ideal for low pile carpets and bare floors. This unit is compact and very quiet. Can operate with or without a bag. 

Because of Hetty's adorable shape and color, We have sold many to Flower shops, Boutiques, Nurseries, Schools, and Daycares. 

Hetty HET 200A Commercial Canister Vacuum is one of most popular vacuum cleaners by Numatic and Nacecare. This lightweight unit has a powerful motor and is super quiet (only 47 decibels). Hetty Vacuum is Equipped with a complete set of attachments for fine cleaning. They include, dusting brush, crevice tool and upholstery tool with removable brush. Hetty will clean your home or office from top to bottom. For carpet and floors, Hetty Vacuum has a combination tool designed to delicately clean low pile carpet and with the stepping on the foot pedal a set of brushes extend out to clean bare floor. You will notice a small adapter in the box which allows you to use the attachments on the end of the hose or directly on the stainless steel handle and extension wands.

Hetty Vacuum's light weight, low sound and powerful motor makes this one of the bet commercial numatic vacuums.

Hetty comes with a combination Carpet/Floor head that makes vacuuming carpet and floors very easy. You do not need to change the heads, you just step on the foot switch on the combo nuzzle and you switch from carpet to floors without changing the head. 

Supplied Accessories:

  • 1 1/4" Tools included - dusting brush, crevice tool & upholstery tool.
  • Combination floor and carpet head.
  • 8' crush proof 1 1/4" hose.
  • 3 piece 1 1/4" stainless steel wand set.
  • 1 bag included.

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