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Henry Cordless
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Henry Cordless Canister Vacuum Cleaner HVB160

The Numatic Henry Cordless Vacuum Is Possibly The Next Best Thing Since Sliced Bread. Really! There are a lot of useless cordless stick vacuums around, even the ones that claim to be good have a lot of drawbacks as far as filtration, size of the dust container and that they are mostly upright or stick vacuums. So here comes the Henry Cordless Vacuum. Why is it better?

  1. The Henry Cordless is equipped with a 620W motor. Most cordless vacuums run on 18 volt batteries. They are not even comparable as to the suction they produce. 
  2. This vacuum is light and compact. It only weighs 15lbs.
  3. The Henry Cordless Vacuum takes Hepa Bags. Most Cordless vacuums are bagless which are not only messy to deal with, they are not hygienic either. They throw whatever dust you vacuum back into the air. Not the Henry. It takes HEPA bags and has a HEPA Tritex filter which means the Henry Does Not Leak Dust back into the air. This also means disposing of dirt is much less messy and much more hygienic. 
  4. The Henry Cordless has a much larger dirt capacity. 6 Liters of it. It can hold up to 10 times more dirt than your typical stick or upright vacuum. Imagine not having to empty your dirt container every 5 minutes!
  5. Being a Canister Vacuum, Unlike an upright or stick vacuum, The Henry Cordless is really easy to work with. The heaviest part of the vacuum sits on the floor rather than being held in your hand. That means less pressure on your hand, wrist and shoulders.
  6.  It is equipped with 2 Batteries and only needs one to work. That means you always have a spare, fully charged battery on hand.
  7. 30 min Run time For each battery means you have at least 1 hour of run time. You don't have to wait around for the batteries to charge every 15 minutes.
  8. Its perfect for cleaning your car. A lot of people specially the ones who live in an apartment building do not have access to an electric outlet close to their parking spot. 
  9. All of that and it always has a smile on his face.

To see the Numatic Henry Cordless perform against the Corded Henry HRV200 see below video:


Best For: Bare Floors Such as hardwood floors, laminate and ceramic tiles and Low Pile Carpets.

Battery: 36V Lithium Polymer

Battery Run Time: 2 Batteries,30 Min Each.

Battery Charge Time: 3.5 hours

Motor: 620 Watts, 1 Stage, 2 Speed, 2,000+ Hours.
Capacity: 1.6
 Gal. (6 Liter)
Shipping: FreeCanada Post, Signature Required, Includes Tracking #.

Return Policy: 30 Days Full Refund. 
Condition: New 
Color: Red (Only).
Bag Type: Hepaflow NUMATIC TYPE NVM 1CH VACUUM BAGS (Pack of 10).
Weight: 15 Lbs 

Accessory Tools: Yes. 3: Upholstery, Dusting Brush and Crevice Tool
Floor Attachments: 1 X Combination Floor Brush for Bare Floors and Low Pile Carpets.


Questions About Color, Shipping, Returns? 


  1. Watch the video below. I mean the guy is not pretty but he will show you all you need to know.
  2. Check out our FAQ page.
  3. Chat with us online, Call us Toll Free 1-877-220-5656 Or Email: Sales@vacuumwarehouse.ca   


Henry Commercial Vacuum Attachment and Accessories: 

Combo Brush: 

Henry comes with a combination Carpet/Floor head that makes vacuuming carpet and floors very easy.  


Precision Tools: 

  • Dusting Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Hose Adapter

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