Service and Warranty

Miele Vacuum Service and Warranty Works

We have been servicing Miele vacuums since 1999. We are also a warranty center for Miele Vacuums. That means if you ever need any service or warranty works done on your Miele vacuum, regardless of where you purchased the machine, our factory trained technicians would be qualified and glad to help.

Miele Vacuum Warranty

Regardless of where you purchased your Miele vacuum, as long as the machine is still under warranty we would gladly process a warranty order for you at no charge. We can also ship a new part that is under warranty if you decided not to or where not able to pick it up in person. 

Miele Vacuum Service 

We suggest you would have your Miele vacuum serviced every couple of years in order to keep it in it's best shape and extend the life of the machine. This service can include removing clogs, an inside out cleaning of the machine, changing gasket, motor pads, belts, bearings and all the necessary parts that are prone to wear and tear. 

Vacuum Repair

Regardless of the brand or make of your vacuum, our technicians would be happy to perform diagnosis, repair and service. If you live close to us, just bring it the vacuum and attachments to our showroom at #3-8910 Yong St in Richmond Hill, Ontario during our working hours, No phone calls or appointments necessary. 

If it is not possible for you to bring in the vacuum in person, or just prefer to have it ship it to us, we have you covered. Here is how this works:

  • Call us for a phone consultation at 1-877-220-5656 or 905-709-6022 for troubleshooting by phone.
  • If not successful, you may decide to ship the machine to us for diagnosis. We will charge a diagnosis Fee of $59 +tax. This fee includes the shipping charges to our facility.
  • Our technicians will diagnoses the issue and inform you of the cost of repair.
  • If you decided not to fix the machine, we can ship it back to you.
  • If you decide to have the machine fixed, we will apply the $59 amount charged, towards the cost of repair.
  • If you decide you do not want the machine repaired, we will either send it back (no shipping charges applicable), or you give you $59 towards purchase of a new machine.