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Miele Compact C1 Celebration Vacuum with Bonus Mini Turbo Brush STB101

Miele C1 Limited
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$499.00 CAD $299.00 CAD
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Miele C1 Limited

Product Description

 Miele CELEBRATION vacuum canada.

Miele C1 Limited Edition Celebration Vacuum is a compact Miele Vacuum Cleaner, ideal for condominiums or houses with ceramic tiles or Hardwood Floors and little low-pile carpeting or area rugs.

 Miele Just released the perfect vacuum at unbelievably low price. This Compact limited Edition Celebration C1 Vacuum is perfect for homes with mainly bare floors and little low pile carpets. The Limited Edition C1 vacuum comes with a Combo Tool that cleans bare floors and area rugs and 3 Small attachments for dusting, upholstery and corners and a FREE Hand Turbo Brush ideal for pet hair cleaning on stairs, upholsteries and car cleaning.

What is a Celebration Model?

Time to time Miele introduces a Limited Edition vacuum Model to promote their line of vacuums.These units come with more attachments than regular models and less expensive to buy. The catch is that these limited edition units are very limited in quantities and they get sold out very quickly, Buy yours now.

 Take advantage of this limited time offer and get Free 5 Year warranty on both parts and labor and Free Shipping!  Only $299.00 CDN * While supplies last. 

* The Free 5 Year Warranty and free shipping will be added to the cart automatically.

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Superior Power and Filtration:


Miele's super powerful Vortex Motor creates a tremendous amount of suction, making Miele vacuum cleaner on of the most powerful in the market. But, suction is not everything in a vacuum cleaner. Any vacuum cleaner can pick up dust, but not every vacuum cleaner can hold onto the dust. If your vacuum cleaner does not have an adequate filtration system, much of the dust, allergens, and germs that you vacuum may go back out into the air through the exhaust of the vacuum cleaner. This contributes to allergies, asthma, or other respiratory problems, never mind the additional cleaning   and dusting.



Many people ask whether they should choose a bagged or bagless vacuum cleaner. Many customers see advertisements on TV about bagless vacuum cleaners. Since most people don't like to buy bags for their vacuum cleaners, they become tempted to try bagless vacuum cleaners.

 Inside every vacuum cleaner there is a container to collect dust and garbage. Think of these containers as the garbage can in your kitchen. Having a bagless vacuum cleaner is like having a bagless garbage can. Imagine having to clean the smelly, sticky dirt that is left behind every time you empty the garbage can. The same is true of bagless vacuum cleaners. Each time the bucket becomes full you have to clean out the dust bucket, funnel, and screen. In bagless vacuum cleaner dust and germs can easily get inside the various compartments and motor. This can lead to dust and smells exiting the vacuum cleaner into the air and makes it much more likely for your vacuum cleaner’s motor to get damaged.

 Recognizing the unmatched benefits of Filter Bags in delivering superior filtration, Miele does not manufacture bagless vacuum cleaners. Miele’s 9-layer disposable Filter Bag act as an important barrier between the dust, germs, and allergens that enter your vacuum cleaner and the air that you breathe in.

 A box of Miele Filter Bags is $20. 00 and it will last approximately 1 year. Each box includes 4 single bags, 1 Air Clean Filter and 1 Pre-motor Filter. Miele bags are available at most vacuum cleaner stores, department stores, and online. 

fjm-bag.jpeg  miele-fjm-bag.png

Next to excellent filtration, which is the most important thing in any vacuum cleaner, what do customers look for in a vacuum cleaner? They look for a vacuum cleaner that is powerful, light weight, and quiet. 



Super Powerful:


The 1200W Vortex Miele-made motor on Miele vacuum cleaners creates an unbelievable amount of suction. So much so that Miele has had to install a suction-control mechanism on its vacuum cleaners. The suction power can be adjusted through a rotary dial with 6 variable power settings. This enables you to adjust the vacuum cleaner’s suction to meet the needs of the surface being cleaned. Use the lowest setting to vacuum surfaces such as computer keyboards and drapes and the highest setting to vacuum surfaces such as hardwood floors and carpets.






Light Weight:


The skeleton ABS construction of Miele vacuum cleaners are the key to its light weight, yet durable construction. Weighing only 10.5 lbs, this compact Miele model is equipped with 360-degree rubber wheels that maneuver effortlessly, without damaging your floors. 

Silence System:

Miele’s encapsulated silent Vortex Motor makes very little sound. This means superior suction power, with extremely quiet operation.


 Ease of Use:

Miele pays special attention to the convenience of their users. Miele vacuum cleaners are very user friendly:

  • It is very easy to attached and detached attachments using the lock button on the end of attachments.
  • Miele telescopic steel wand is perfect for those with back problems. It allows you to adjust the want to your height, preventing exhaustion and back pain when you vacuum.  
  • All of the nuzzles on the vacuum cleaner swivel easily to reach under beds and furniture.
  • The extra long power cord retracts with just a push of a button.
  • A bag indicator tells you when the bag is full.
  • A two-ways parking system makes transporting and storing your vacuum cleaner a dream

C1 Celebration Vacuum comes with these accessories and attachments,

  • Miele SBD285-3: This classic combination Carpet/Smooth floor nuzzle is perfect for cleaning  ceramic tiles, hardwood floors and low-pile carpeting or area rugs.


  • Three (3) accessories: These brushes include a crevice tool for cleaning corners; a dusting brush for cleaning draperies and key boards; and an upholstery brush for cleaning furniture and mattresses.



  • STB 101 .

stb101.jpg bonus-round.jpgstb-101.jpeg

Miele C1 models are equipped with:

  • 33-foot long electrical cord with one-touch automatic rewind button.
  • Rear and side parking system that attaches the floor tool to the canister for short breaks when vacuuming.
  • 360 degree swivel rubber wheels, which make Miele Vacuum Cleaners the easiest canister to maneuver without damaging your floors.
  • Stainless steel telescopic adjustable wand.

Key Features:


  • Color: Yellow 
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Sealed system
  • 1200 W Silence Vortex motor
  • Bag indicator
  • Bag Type: FJM bag
  • 6-level Dial Suction control
  • Retractable cord
  • Operating Radius: 33ft
  • Two- method storing system
  • Warranty: 5 Years on every thing 7 Years on motor.


Warranty Information

Warranty: 5 Years on every thing 7 Years on motor.

Product Reviews

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  1. Glad we found Miele C-1

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Feb 9th

    Shipping was as promised and assembly was simple. We've only had it a week but find it to be light weight and easy to maneuver. Suction is great and does a better job than the battery powered portable we used previously. Glad we made the switch!

  2. Good purchase

    Posted by Unknown on 2017 Jan 12th

    I purchased Miele Compact C1 a week ago and I am so happy with it that I clean almost everyday. The accessories can be easily changed to clean upholstery, corners and floors. it was easy to assemble and perfect for limited storage space. It also moves easily on the floor and the telescoping part makes it easy to reach far places.


    Posted by Wendy on 2016 Dec 12th

    The wonderful person who comes to clean my house was over the moon when she saw my new Miele. She knows vacuums! We were both sick of lugging my ridiculously heavy Dyson up and down stairs. As you can tell, I'm very pleased with my beautiful new Miele.

  4. Best Deal ...

    Posted by Marsay on 2016 Nov 29th

    I just got this miele vacuum for such a cheap price. The suction is very good, it is lightweight and has a free hand turbo brush. Love it.

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